ALLERGIES My Dachshund scratches all the time. She seems to have some kind of dander problem. Is she allergic to something and if so, how can we relieve the itch?

A Dander problem makes me wonder what kind of food your dog is eating. Please research feeding highest quality, preferably organic, human grade food to your companion animal. The links on our site are a good place to start looking into upgrading food.


Our Skin Irritation formula has a remarkably soothing effect. When the itching stops, usually the licking and scratching stop as well, and the skin begins to heal. Itching is an indication that something is escaping the function of the immune system and acting like an allergen. Food, grasses, pollens, and pollutants in the environment can cause difficulties for animals. The skin is the body’s largest organ of elimination. We recommend using our Allergies formula to calm the symptoms, and Immune System and Digestion/Assimilation to help process the unknown culprits.

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