ARTHRITIS / ACHY PAIN We’ve noticed our German Shepard having difficulty getting up. He is an older dog and we’ve been told German Shepards can have hip problems as they age. Could this be arthritis?

Whatever name is used to describe an aging dog’s declining agility, we see that it is painful and often range of motion is diminished. Stiff sore aching joints and muscles and arthritis-like symptoms plague our animal companions as well as humans. Our Arthritis/Achy Pain formula is intended to ease the discomfort experienced from aging, accidents, misalignment and breed-specific difficulties.


If your companion animal is experiencing pain, it would be kind to add Pain Relief to the dosage bottle of Arthritis/Achy Pain that you use. (Pain Relief is one of two remedies that can be mixed with any and all others Emotional Stability is the other one.) Please also read about our Skeletal Support and Paralysis Plus formulas.

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