ANXIETY/FEAR: Snickers our six-year-old cat, goes ballistic on trips, especially trips to the vet! I have also noticed that whenever anyone new comes over, she hisses and then hides. What can we do?

Snickers may be expressing cares, concerns and longtime fears common to living creatures in general and to cats and kittens in particular. Our Anxiety/Fear formula soothes the jagged edges of all kinds of anxiety. Now is a great time to start making a positive change in Snicker’s inner life and support her in finding calmer ways to express her feelings.


The Anxiety/Fear formula gently takes the fear out of an animal’s emotional experience. Thunderstorms, gunshots, the company of new or seldom seen people, sudden rings of the doorbell are but a few of the situations in which this flower essence has assisted anxious animals to find calm.


At the time of a crisis or anxiety attack, e.g. when a storm is coming, give a dose of our Anxiety/Fear formula every few minutes, until your companion animal calms down and is able and willing to rest quietly. If you put a few drops in the drinking water, with every change of water for several weeks, you may see a deeper, more positive change occur, as she shifts from a tendency to be fearful to a state of sustained emotional balance. Our Emotional Stability formula, which can be combined with Anxiety/Fear, makes a big difference in how an animal reacts to what happens in the surrounding environment.


If the fearful behavior is new to a long time resident, or to an animal that is new in the household, you might want to read about New Home/ Group Living and Trauma Recovery.     

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