BRANDY: Why do you use brandy in your formulas?

Brandy is traditionally used to preserve the water in which the energetic pattern of the flower is stored, and gives the flower essence an indefinite shelf life. Dilution of the brandy with pure water does not alter the power of the energetic pattern.


Although you can use the liquid essence directly out of the stock bottle, diluting the brandy by making a dosage bottle of flower essences is easy and makes using the contents extremely economical. Remember that the frequency of dosing is more important than the amount given at any single time. That means, the more frequently a dose is given the more often the energetic information is given to the animal.


Since you will use your essences most often in their diluted form, here are some suggestions for making and using dose solutions. Put 4-7 drops from the stock bottle into an empty, clean 1 or 2 oz. bottle and fill with water. Label. Shake. Consider this the dose bottle.


To use, take a few drops from the dose bottle and put them in food, drinking water, a bath or on an animal’s skin, fur, feathers, etc. or directly in the mouth or on the lips. Remember, energetic patterns cannot be diluted with water so you will only be diluting the brandy.


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