CYSTITIS: Our cat has trouble urinating. How can we help her?

Difficulty with urination is a serious problem for which we recommend veterinary consultation as soon as possible. Of course, all animals can have this difficulty but it can be especially dangerous for cats. We mention this because so many of our readers care for cats, and many have written to us with this concern. As with other elimination problems, always consider the type and quality of food you are serving. Make sure your cat gets plenty of wet food rather than dried food, which is closer to what they’d naturally eat in the wild.

Our Cystitis formula is designed to help balance the emotional attitudes that can lead to a urinary tract problem in cats, especially male cats, and other animals. If experiencing a bladder or urinary track problem it is wise to have your vet check to see if there are any indications of kidney problems. If so, use our Kidney Strengthener, to enhance the program your vet suggests. This is a good time to include Life Force Zest in your healing and recovery program.


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