DEPRESSION-GRIEVING: We recently lost one of our cats in an accident. The other cat we care for appears listless and exhibits none of the energy she had prior to our other cat’s demise. What can we do about this situation?

Animals grieve and get depressed just like humans do. And like people, the pain of loss can last for years when not addressed.


A young friend, Hanna, loved two cats that were sisters. After one kitty died, the other cat refused to leave Hanna’s bedroom for almost two years! When she began giving Depression/Grieving to her cat, it was only a matter of days before her cat’s attitude began to change, and not much longer before she was running around the house with the other animals.


An animal does not have to die for another animal in the household to grieve and appear sad and depressed. A child going off to college or another animal spending an extended time at the vet’s can cause these emotions to surface. Not seeing a loved one causes sadness.


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