DIET: How much does the type of food I give my pet affect their health? What kind of diet is best for my pet? Do you have links to further information on pet food?

For all animals, we recommend using the highest quality food available, organic whenever possible. Today there are many small companies throughout the USA making natural, fresh and frozen foods for animals. Your investment in good food for your animal is an important investment in their sustained wellbeing and longtime companionship or service. Providing high quality food is both a compassionate and economically sensible choice when you consider the long-term costs of health care. The money you spend on good food will make the animals healthier and you will save on vet bills!    


Visit your library or bookstore, online or locally, to begin your own education on the subject of animal food. Learn what the animals you care for really need to be healthy and happy. We do provide links to help in your search, but we are not partial to any specific brand. We are hopeful that more people will become active in learning about how food contributes to their animals’ good health.


When changing an animal’s diet, it is best to do so gradually by mixing some old food in with the new. Our formula Switching Food helps with a gradual dietary change, easing the adjustments in their system as they get used to a new brand or type of food.


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