DIGESTION/ASSIMILATION: What kind of flower essence helps with digestion? Is there some way we can cope with our finicky eater?

If an animal is a picky eater, it’s a sign that they may be upset or getting sick, or more obviously, that they don’t like their food. Our Digestion/Assimilation formula is not

intended to get animals to eat, as that depends on the desirability of the food and its appropriateness for the animal at this time in their life, but it does aid in the digestive processing of food. So if you are using digestive enzymes, continue, but add Digestion/Assimilation to help from the energetic perspective.   


In this instance, the word assimilation means more than simply the assimilation of food. Our Digestion/Assimilation formula is designed to also help the body process substances in the environment that may be contributing to allergic responses.


We have received stories of animals using this formula and gaining weight after illness. An easy way to give a dose is simply to mix a few drops in the food or put some on treats.


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