DOSAGE How do you know how much of the flower essence formula to give to your pet?

Flower essence dosages are determined by the immediacy or urgency of the problem at hand. Our general instructions advise you to use essences 4 times a day, or as needed. The more critical the need, the more frequently a dose is given. With flower essences, the size of a dose does not matter, as even one drop communicates the vibration you are introducing. What is more relevant than amount is the frequency with which you give a dose. In serious situations, it is helpful to give very frequent doses, every few seconds, then every few minutes, especially in the beginning, to help establish the desired shift.


The essences work on an energetic level that is activated before the cellular and chemical levels in the body. They introduce an energetic vibration that precipitates shifts on all the other levels. Each time you dose your animal, you reinforce the new vibration that is working to bring about an energetic shift towards renewed balance in the situation at hand.


Our suggested dose of any Pet Essence is 1 to 7 drops of the concentrated stock liquid (the bottle you receive from us or purchase from a vendor) or 1-7 drops of the dose or diluted liquid (the bottle that you make yourself by diluting the stock solution). Both work.


Let’s use Pain Relief as an example of giving a dose of a flower essence “as needed”. Our general instructions advise you to use essences 4 times a day, or more frequently, as needed. When an animal is experiencing pain, we suggest giving a dose every few minutes until the pain subsides. The more frequently a dose is given, the more often the information carried by the energetic pattern of the flower essence is transmitted and travels through the body.


This vibrational process is similar to the tuning of a musical instrument. Every time a flower essence is ingested, rubbed or misted on a body, that body receives the information communicated and has a tool to help rebalance whatever is out of balance. When tuning a musical instrument such as a violin, the ear hears what the note should be, allowing the musician to use that information to tighten or loosen the violin string so that when played it will vibrate at the proper frequency.    Keywords: dosing, dose, dilute

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