EMERGENCY: Our pair of Husky/Malamute dogs pursues porcupines in the nearby mountain meadows and forests. They come home with their faces and mouths full of porcupine quills. It is so difficult to deal with extracting the quills that we end up taking the dogs to the vet to remove the quills. Is there anything we can do to ease the trauma?

Emergency is useful in many types of emergency situations, whether the trauma or accident is physical or emotional, Emergency helps prevent shock and disorientation and offers general support. It is important for you as animal owner to take Emergency Rescue as well, helping you to keep your wits about you. Whatever the nature of trauma you face, using Emergency will help you and your animal create your own little stable environment in the midst of crisis or chaos, establishing a more solid footing and a calmer resonance for both of you to move more smoothly through the situation at hand.


If the dogs get porcupine quills in them, give them Emergency on the way to the vet, and take some yourself! You might also consider giving them Pain Relief, and if the vet has to anesthetize them to remove the quills, give them Internal Cleansing when they are feeling better, to remove the pharmaceutical residues.


Emergency  is an excellent remedy to carry with you, in your purse, backpack, or briefcase or in the glove compartment of your vehicle, as you never know when you’ll need it. Use Emergency  at the time of crisis, then frequently (every few seconds at first, then every few minutes) until your vet arrives or the crisis is stabilized.



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