EMOTIONAL STABILITY: Our daughter noticed that whenever there is an argument in our household, our dog gets very upset. Are pets affected by our behaviors?

Yes, animals are effected by humans and other animals around them; in fact they are like emotional sponges! Our Emotional Stability formula offers animals the support and psychic protection they sometimes need to have their own emotional world and be in it, regardless of what is going on around them. Vets and practitioners unofficially report that 80% of animals’ emotional problems come from us! This formula, which is one of only two that it is OK to combine with all other formulas, helps an animal to be less reactive to their companions’ thoughts and emotions. Use Emotional Stability with either Anxiety/Fear or Calming Solution to help provide more emotional protection for people and animals who are too easily influenced by what is going on around them.


A few years ago, as we were driving on a remote interstate highway, with our very intelligent dog between us on the truck seat, my husband noticed we were low on gas and far from anywhere. As soon as he stressed and started to worry, our Tara got very upset, picking up his concern and mirroring it back to us. Why not try this formula that offers protection when the inevitable stresses of human life intrude upon our animals?


Sometimes we are able to see the flower essences work right before our eyes, within minutes, but more often it takes longer to see changes. Emotional Stability seems to act like a booster to help other formulas, so it is an important exception to the rule of not mixing formulas!


We also find that an owner/caregiver’s thoughts affect animals greatly in terms of health. At times, an owner’s negative mindset contributes to the illness of an animal. A dog or a horse, having no opinion, offers less resistance to healing, for it has no attitude of hopelessness. Shifting one’s mindset can be an important factor on the path to wellbeing. Each body will heal or not heal itself. If a body is still in a position to heal, it may choose to get back on track, understanding the power of going for a life affirming approach and, in many cases, able to regain vibrant health.


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