ENDOCRINE SYSTEM We live in the city and have several pets. I have recently learned that glands can be affected by pollution. We are looking for an overall helping tonic for our animals’ endocrine systems and meridians. Do you have a formula that addresses the impact of environmental toxins on animals’ endocrine or glandular function?

Endocrine System is an excellent formula that addresses the entire endocrine system, as well as being of assistance to particular glands. As the endocrine glands are responsible for secreting hormones into the blood and body cavities, maintaining constant hormone levels, regulating growth and metabolism and other important body functions, you cannot err by using this formula as a tonic to offset the impact of environmental pollutants on the glandular system. In general, if you do not know what the problem is, supporting essential systems by bringing energy to them may be a useful strategy to explore. You may find the book, Our Stolen Future, by Colborn, Dumanoski, and Myers, of interest, as it addresses the increasingly critical issue of how pollutants impact the endocrine glands of pets and people alike. Our Meridian formula would be an additional good choice.


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