FELINE LEUKEMIA: My cat has been diagnosed by our vet with feline leukemia. I have friends whose cat came through the same illness and has gone on to lead a long and happy life. What would you suggest?

Our Feline Leukemia formula may be helpful in cases of feline leukemia and other feline viruses, as it supports a cat’s own ability to deal with the virus. Using this formula and exploring what may be the best possible food for your cat may both be helpful in conjunction with other programs prescribed by your vet. When a person starts helping their cat with the Feline Leukemia formula, educating themselves about providing higher quality food options, and working with a good Homeopathic vet, they will often enjoy that cat’s companionship for years to come. We have found that often when a vet recommends putting a cat down, there is still plenty that can be done. In cases of feline leukemia or other viruses, we also recommend Life Force Zest, Immune System Booster, Digestion/Assimilation, and Meridians.


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