How safe are your flower essences? What if you choose the wrong essence? What about side effects?

Pet Essence Flower formulas are absolutely safe, safe as our air and water. If you choose the wrong essence, you may not get the help you were looking for, but you won’t get any negative side effects.


If you use the appropriate flower essence, changes begin to occur immediately. Cells recognize the remedial vibration of the essence, recognize their mission, and get on with it. As in tuning a violin, there need be no change if the instrument is in tune in the first place, if all is vibrating perfectly. Similarly, an animal’s body does not need to do anything unless its vibrational rate is lower than optimum, in which case the information systems of the body, the cells receiving the communication of the flower formula, see the need to raise their functioning level to optimum and begin to do so. In cases of debilitating disease, cellular communication begins to break down. Flower formulas have the capacity to optimize the flow of energy and cellular communication, thereby supporting optimum wellbeing and resilient harmony in you and your animals.


Since we know of no cases of negative side effects from the use of flower essences, rest assured that if you have multiple animals sharing water bowls, and choose to put an essence into their water for optimum frequency of dosage, each animal will get only what they need without side effects, and will reap only benefits from the essence in their water.


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