FRACTURE REPAIR: One of the llamas on my ranch broke her foreleg and our young dog met up with a neighbor’s truck, resulting in a broken hind leg. What can we do to support quick and complete healing?

Our Emergency formula is helpful at the time of injury and then as soon as possible begin using Fracture Repair. Then you might consider using Skeletal Support, Meridians, Circulation and Pain Relief. Remember, flower remedies work on the energetic vibration level, so frequent doses are best. You might want to put one essence in their food and one in their water, as well as adding Pain Relief to both, as Pain Relief is one of the few remedies that it’s fine to mix with another remedy.


You may also mist the animals or their bedding or put a few drops on their fur. Trauma Recovery can help dim the emotional aspects of the injuries. You may also want to take this occasion to seek out the best available food for your animals, as optimum nutrition supports maximum healing, full recovery and enhanced health in their bones and all bodily systems. Please also read about the Graceful Alignment and Paralysis Plus formulas.


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