GRACEFUL ALIGNMENT: We rescued a yearling fawn, but she seems clumsy and displays a real lack of grace. We suspect that she was injured and never regained her natural fluidity of motion. What do you suggest?

If an animal does not heal properly after an injury, and limps or is otherwise awkward in motion, that animal may feel embarrassed and awkward, just as we would. This sensitivity is even likelier in an animal that has been scarred or disfigured, lost a leg or lost a tail. Graceful Alignment is great for animals in the show ring, but it also helps those animals that need to figure out how to walk or fly again, to move gracefully as was their native habit before injury. Graceful Alignment is a helpful follow up to Fracture Repair as it supports an animal in moving with ease and grace and encourages them to once again feel good about themselves, attractive, able and confident.


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