GROOMING: We are opening a pet grooming business. Is there something we can carry in our salon that will help pets become more relaxed and comfortable when we shampoo and groom them?

Our Grooming formula helps animals to have more patience and less fear around any grooming process. Whether you are bathing and grooming your animals yourself, or taking them to a professional groomer, it is a good idea to give them this essence before anyone works with them. Pet owners, we recommend that you give this essence before you leave home or on the way over to the groomers. You can also use Anxiety/Fear and we suggest you take some yourself! Wise are the animal owners who have their own bottles of Anxiety/Fear!

If an animal has aggressive tendencies, you might also consider giving them our Out of Control formula before grooming. Cats exhibit more patience with the process when given the Grooming formula. We also recommend Grooming for those angora rabbits and their keepers who would find it easier to gather the soft fur fibers if their rabbits squirmed around a bit less in their laps, as they gently pull and remove angora for spinning into yarn.


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