HEART HELP: If an animal has been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disorder, is there anything we can do?

Follow your vet’s recommendations, dose the animal with our Heart Help formula to strengthen its cardiovascular system, and consider feeding organic heart of any animal, especially if you are dealing with a congestive heart situation. We also recommend that you include Life Force Zest and Circulatory System in your animal’s wellness program, and check into what you might do to improve the quality of food you are feeding your animal. Life Force Zest nourishes the chi, or life force energy, which is of overall benefit and supports your entire program of boosting your animal’s cardiovascular health.


A customer who runs a wildlife rehabilitation center wrote to report her success while working with her vet and following our recommendations:


“I have a raccoon that was born with congestive heart failure, and on your advice, I put her on Heart Help, Circulatory System and Life Force Zest, 4 times a day. My vet had put her on Lasix injections. Her first x-ray really looked bad, and the vet didn't hold out much hope for her living very long, and that was when I contacted you. I received the products and immediately started Willow on them. She was due to go back to the vet for more x-rays in 2 weeks, so I had 2 weeks to see if these products were going to work on her. At the end of the 2 weeks when I took her back to the vet, the new x-rays were amazing. Her heart looked almost normal! At this point I told the vet what I had been giving her, and I had brought the bottles along with me for her to look at. She looked at the ingredients, and agreed that she thought this was what was making the difference in her.

She just kept repeating, "I can't believe the difference in her, it's amazing". She said, "I'm taking her off of the Lasix, and you keep her on this stuff for a little while longer." I did, and at her next visit, her heart appears to be normal!!! She is no longer on the essences 4 times a day, but she does continue to get it once a day just for maintenance sake. Willow is now 7 months old, and you would never know that anything had ever been wrong with her. She now plays and breathes normally, something we didn't think we would be seeing with her. I can't thank you enough for helping me out with Willow, and giving her a chance to live a normal life. Your products worked their magic with her, and you have a customer for life.” C.M.


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