INFECTION: Our rabbits get infections, especially on their feet. Our dog runs through barbed wire fences and sometimes gets cuts on her legs that get infected. Is there something we can do, naturally, that could help with infection?

Our Infection formula addresses all types of infection, viral, fungal and bacterial, and helps reduce inflammations. The Skin Irritation formula helps clear up inflammations locally. Give doses of Infection formula internally by putting a few drops in the rabbits’ water bottles or the dog’s water bowl, and apply Infection or Skin Irritation formula, diluted in water, directly on the problem area.


In the rabbits’ case, try dipping their little rabbit feet into a bowl of water containing a few drops of Skin Irritation formula, or mist that water on their feet. For your dog, mist her leg, or saturate a cloth with water with a few drops of Skin Irritation formula in it, and put the cloth directly on the infected skin like a poultice. You may apply Infection formula similarly diluted, a few drops in a bowl of water, directly onto skin in any case of infection, though if using both locally on the skin, do not apply to the skin at the same time. No harm will come but these formulas offer better results if a minute or two passes between applications.


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