INGREDIENTS: How do the flower essences work? Why do you mix flower essences together in a formula?

Each ingredient in our formulas is a flower essence in which the energetic pattern of a flower’s energy is transferred to pure water by the sun. The essences are made in the flowering season of each flower, and always in the morning when the plant is the most vibrant. The water is then preserved with brandy. The flowers work together in tandem, as a team, creating an energetic bouquet with a combined resonance whose vibration addresses particular emotional attitudes or imbalances that may present as physical, emotional or other types of difficulties.


Just as a symphony is comprised of various musicians whose instruments together create a beautifully resonant whole, the component flower essences in our formulas work together to create a balanced vibrational remedy for those situations they are designed to address. For people who are looking for help in achieving optimum balance and levels of functioning for their animals and for themselves, these formulas offer an energetic method to support optimum wellbeing. Flower essences work on that level where energy precedes physical manifestation of health and are on the cutting edge of energetic healing today.


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