INTERNAL CLEANSING: I am taking my kitten in to be neutered and my brother’s dog is going to be spayed. Is there a remedy we can give them to help with recovery?

Yes, there are several remedies that help when an animal faces spay or neuter procedures, or any surgery. In addition to working with your vet, we recommend a program of flower essence support that begins before your kitten (or any animal) goes in for surgery, continues through recovery, and on until the residues of pharmaceutical drugs are flushed from their system.


The Vitality & Rest formula helps prepare your animal for a spay, neuter or any other surgical procedure. For three days before surgery, use both Physical Recovery and Vitality & Rest. The Anxiety /Fear formula has a calming, reassuring vibration, useful at the clinic ahead of surgery, for you as well as your animal! Life Force Zest assists in coming out of anesthesia and helps “come back” after surgery. Use Physical Recovery and Vitality & Rest with Pain Relief added to dosages of each -for three days after the procedure. Following the first phase of recovery, Meridians and Balance Him or Balance Her are helpful until your animal is back to normal. If you wish, you may give Meridians and Balance Him or Balance Her for the three days prior to spay/neuter surgery as well, at least a minute or two apart from when you dose them with the other suggested remedies.


Finally, Internal Cleansing is a very important formula following surgical recovery. As residues of pharmaceutical toxins do not contribute to the good health of your animal, once medications have served their purpose you may wish to use Internal Cleansing to help eliminate the residues. Internal Cleansing helps draw toxins out from their hiding places and release them. However, it takes energy to cleanse, so it is best to wait to use Internal Cleansing until your animal’s recovery is complete and they are no longer taking medication.


Drinking distilled water for a day or two during this detox is valuable, as the toxins attach to distilled water, and then the distilled water serves as a vehicle to get the residues out of the body. It is not healthy, however, to use distilled water as the exclusive water an animal consumes longer term, as there are vital things in water that are beneficial to a healthy system.


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