KIDNEY STRENGTHENER: Our older cat has kidney problems. What can we do to enhance our vet’s treatment and support our cat’s kidney/bladder wellness?

Cats seem to suffer more often than dogs from urinary and kidney problems, and particularly suffer the ill effects of eating dried food. Dogs may experience kidney or urinary problems, but usually to a lesser degree.


If your animal is having kidney trouble, consult your vet. In addition to the vet’s suggestions, you may wish to offer our Cystitis formula as well as the Kidney Strengthener formula and Life Force Zest. Kidney problems often start with a urinary bladder problem, which our Cystitis formula may help balance. Even when a cat seems close to death’s door, dosing with Life Force Zest can set the stage for improvement; as it may strengthen the animals’ chi, enhancing its life force enough for its system to go on to address the kidney issue. These remedies work together as team players ( dosed separately, though), and have in some cases amazed those who have witnessed dramatic improvements.


It is important to consider the food given to your animal. Remember that cats in the wild do not eat dried food, although domesticated cats more or less get addicted to it. It is healthier to give balanced wet food. If you have concern about the cleanliness of your animal’s teeth in relation to wet food, munching dried chlorella tablets helps clean their teeth and they tend to love it. The Pet Essences resident cats indicate that the Sun brand is their favorite chlorella.



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