LIFE FORCE ZEST: What can we do to get ahead of the depression and listlessness that often comes with or after illness? Our horse has not been herself since emerging from a long illness. It’s seems her will to live is sagging, though there’s nothing physically wrong with her at this point.

Life Force Zest is a wonderful remedy with many applications when the “zest” has gone out of life; when vitality, energy, strength and the spark to really engage with life are in short supply. It acts as an amplifier, setting the stage for deeper healing to happen, nourishing and energizing the chi or life force. The flowers in this formula seem to remind the animal that they once really did feel better, and can do so again.


It is helpful after a long illness or when an animal is depleted for any reason, and may be useful in cases of apathy, deep depression, extreme fatigue, exhaustion or after chemotherapy. You might also give it a try when dealing with an animal who has suffered periods of extreme neglect or abuse. It is a wonderful formula for bringing back the sparkle in life! Remember, it is not the doctor’s medication that heals, rather it is the body that heals itself, when given the proper resources to do so. Our Life Force Zest formula supports renewed vitality and energizes sustained wellbeing.


Life Force Zest is best used when the situation is not an emergency. For example, if your animal has an erratic heartbeat from fear, you’d give Emergency which is designed to really help during an emergency by helping him stay out of shock. (You’d hopefully take some yourself, to help you keep your head about you, too!) If fear is a long term issue, debilitating the life force of your animal, then the situation is not an emergency, and Life Force Zest just might give him/her the “umph” to get beyond the fear and start living again, with full energy forward.


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