LIVER STRENGTHENER: Our vet says our goat has liver problems. What should we give her to help the situation?

Continue to work with your vet. You may also wish to explore ways to help your goat achieve greater balance in her being through better nutrition, cleansing and the use of flower essences such as Liver Strengthener and Life Force Zest. Remember, do not combine the formulas; put one in the goat’s food, another in her water. Or you can rub them on her, waiting a minute between each separate formula.


In an increasingly toxic environment, liver problems are becoming more common in all species, making this formula widely applicable for livestock, those animals in rehab situations, working animals and pets - bees, llamas, horses, cattle, flocks of poultry and fowl such as chickens and turkeys, goats, sheep, emus and ostriches, rabbits, raptors, pigs, etc. Anything that lives can benefit from strengthening the liver! Liver Strengthener assists the body in finding the necessary balance to support good liver function.


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