LONELINESS/HOME ALONE: Sherman and Woody, our Golden Retriever and Lab, are home all day by themselves. They get so anxious when they know we are about to leave in the morning. How can we make them more comfortable being home alone?

Your going to work need not be a difficult time for your animals, as the Emotional Stability formula offers the support necessary for your animals to enjoy smooth transitions from being at home with you to being on their own while you’re at work. It is a great help for those animals who get anxious when they realize you are about to leave.


The degree to which they are lonely and uncomfortable during your absence determines whether you’d use Emotional Stability and then Loneliness/Home Alone, or Out of Control and then Loneliness/Home Alone. You generally want to get your animal into a stable emotional state before giving Loneliness/Home Alone, and we have found that this remedy is rarely the only answer. If your dog gets so upset when you leave that he pulls the bedding apart, or chews up something you value, for instance, give Out of Control and then Loneliness/Home Alone (Remember, these need to be administered separately). If they are really “over the edge”, then they need both remedies. You can leave 2 bowls of water on the floor. Make sure they get one dose of Loneliness/Home Alone and a couple of doses of Out of Control before you leave. One of our clients realized that her dog loved ice cubes, and made them containing Loneliness/Home Alone. She left a few for her dog to play with and had great results! Loneliness/Home Alone helps animals and birds stabilize and have faith that you will return.


If the animal does not want to be left alone and also seems fearful, our Anxiety/Fear formula given several times a day on a regular basis will have a stabilizing influence on the situation. Then when you are ready to leave, give Loneliness/Home Alone. If you must leave your animal at a kennel for some time, give Loneliness/Home Alone, as its flower ingredients help an animal rely on its own resources, and be confident that you are coming back.


Animals get information from a variety of sources that we either take for granted or are unaware of. Loneliness/Home Alone helps animals access information they already have in them about what is really going on and how they should behave, when they have lost their emotional ability to act on what they innately know. Being in nature, or walking on grass, helps that information to come in, and Loneliness/Home Alone actually strengthens their emotional capacity to access and act on such knowing. If you live in the city, you might consider growing a little area of wheatgrass, even a few trays if space is tight, to support their native knowing, and take advantage of green areas where available, like parks. Letting them have an area to “walk on the earth” fosters their own knowing of how to handle situations optimally, and giving Loneliness/Home Alone facilitates their being at ease with you going off to work or on an unexpected trip.


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