MERIDIANS: Do you have a formula that serves as a general tonic or energizer, or that promotes optimum cellular communication in the body?

The Meridians formula is remarkable in that it helps cells communicate and restores a balanced flow of chi or life force through the meridians of the body. We use it to cleanse, energize and repair meridians. In general, if your animal has a physical problem and you don’t know what else to use, Life Force Zest and Meridians offer assistance while you and your vet try to decipher what is wrong. You cannot go wrong by bringing energy to the meridians. Once you know what the problem is, you may also use Meridians to address sending energy where you want healing focused, to help bring the body’s own resources to that place.


In cases of trauma, this formula helps clear the meridian that was impacted by trauma. In a healthy body, the meridians are all flowing and staying on their own paths. When problems occur, meridians may become blocked or deviate and send energy into another energy pathway. Anytime an animal undergoes a spay or neuter procedure, a meridian gets cut. Our Meridians formula will help restore the balanced flow of life force through the area.


Acupuncture and acupressure address balancing the flow of chi through the meridians using physical or subtle electrical methods. When an animal receives acupuncture or acupressure treatments, Meridians can make them even more effective. The practioner need put only a few drops on his/her hands and the animal will benefit when touched. As the vibrational level is the precursor to the physical, all other methods, including TCM, have their foundation on the energetic level.


Understanding the vital role that optimal cellular communication plays in maintaining wellness is at the forefront of anti-aging science today. One important aspect of the Pet Essences Meridians formula is that it supports the ability of cells to communicate. Using the Meridians formula with any problem will help repair the meridian involved and get energy moving through that meridian again. Think of the Meridians formula as an all purpose tonic and energizer.


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