We have a high-strung horse who we’d like to support in being less nervous and excitable. Any ideas?

In addition to Pet Essences Nervous System, a high-strung horse may benefit from Calming Solution along with Anxiety/Fear and Emotional Stability. If a horse is fearful and insecure, try placing Anxiety/Fear in their drinking water. If a more severe emotional or physical situation arises, e.g. cribbing, in which the horse pants for air and tries to destroy its stall, use the Out of Control formula, giving a dose every few seconds till the cribbing stops, then move on to Calming Solution, Anxiety/Fear and Emotional Stability. Using your intuition and powers of observation, try to sense why the horse may be acting this way, and then perhaps we could be more exact in our recommendations. Pease feel free to contact us with further questions.

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