NEW HOME/GROUP LIVING: We are trying to introduce rabbits into our household. We have a couple of older dogs and we are not quite sure of their reactions to these cute baby rabbits. What should we do?

The Anxiety/Fear formula could be of immense benefit to the rabbits, first thing, when brought into their new environment, as rabbits can literally die of fear. Then use New Home/Group Living. The flowers in New Home/Group Living help with weaning, living in unknown places, moving in or out of animal shelter life. Use it when moving animals into a new household, whether you are moving into the new environment with the animal or not. New Home/ Group Living is the remedy of choice whenever new dynamics occur in an animal’s surrounding community, such as when students go off to school and the animals miss them. We as humans sometimes don’t think of how wrapped up in their people our animals are. If the animal is very despondent then the Depression/Grieving formula may be appropriate.


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