We have had one beloved cat for many years, and now are bringing a new cat into the household as well. We are concerned for both cats, not knowing what their reactions will be. Is there any way to facilitate a smooth transition?

 New Home/Group Living is useful when bringing a new animal into an existing group or community. It helps with jealousy and helps to build up and bring peace of mind to the animals already in the family group. This formula supports confidence building in the new animal, which can help them a lot, so give it to both cats.


New Home/Group Living is the remedy of choice for any animals experiencing changes in a group’s dynamics. If everyone is moving, it helps if everyone takes it. Use the New Home/Group Living formula if you are adding a new fish to a fish tank. If your cat is about to give birth to a litter of kittens, use Emotional Stability as well as New Home/Group Living so other animals don’t pick up on worry, etc.


In animal rescue/animal shelter situations, use New Home/Group Living for those that just got put there. In Doggie Daycare centers and boarding kennels, New Home/Group Living is useful, as is Anxiety/Fear and Emotional Stability (especially while animals are being boarded), and Calming Solution. If your animal is likely to pace or whine, Calming Solution is especially recommended. If an animal is vicious, use Out of Control to bring them under control, and then use the remedies recommended above.


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