PAIN RELIEF Our horse is recovering from surgery. I am sure the stitches are causing pain, and movement seems difficult, also causing her pain. What can we do to help with pain and make our horse’s recovery easier?

Our Pain Relief formula is helpful with all kinds of pain, whether from surgery, arthritis, sinus, etc. Pain Relief is one of the two Pet Essences formulas that can be given in combination with any and all other remedies. Pain Relief also assists with chronic, long term or debilitating pain and can be given when an animal is just coming out of surgery. Remember, frequency of dosage is more important than the amount of any dose. This formula conveys the energy of not feeling pain, so give every few seconds or minutes, whatever is needed, certainly every time you visit your animal.


Another very effective formula after surgery is Skin Irritation. Once stitches are removed, the area gets itchy, and this formula helps take the itch away. After stitches are removed, the area is tender and delicate, quite a perilous place. Skin Irritation may be used as a poultice during recovery. Simply soak a cloth in water into which you have dropped several drops of Skin Irritation formula. We also recommend using Meridians formula after surgery. Please read about the Meridians formula, as well as Physical Recovery, Vitality & Rest, and Life Force Zest that we always recommend after surgery.


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