PARALYSIS PLUS One of our pets suffers from paralysis. I can tell by watching her that she suffers emotionally as well as physically, as I see no joy in her movements or expression. What can we do?

There may be ways to support your animal back to greater mobility. Paralysis Plus is a remedy that helps all parts of the body that are connected to the vertebrae. Daschunds and other long vertebrae animals suffer more than most with these afflictions, and Paralysis Plus has gotten some of them up and walking again. It particularly supports long vertebrae carried horizontally. Even when an animal appears paralyzed, the ingredients in this formula may have the capacity to help override this condition.


One happy customer shares her success in using Paralysis Plus for sudden onset paralysis in her pet skunk:


“Your products once again have amazed me and my vet. Last month my oldest skunk suddenly became paralyzed in her back legs. You suggested I put her on Paralysis Plus, Fracture Repair, and Dill. Her x-rays had shown that she had a pathological fracture, her spine was degenerating and full of spurs. Thanks to the advice you gave and your wonderful products, Sweetie P (my skunk), is standing for short periods of time on all 4 legs now, and best of all she is walking just a few steps. She is walking all the time on her left rear leg, and still drags the right one some of the time, but she is trying to use it more too. I know that with continued use of the products she will once again be walking on all 4 legs. I can't wait to see what her next x-rays show. I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you and your products have done for me, and my animals”. C.M.


Do not accept that your animal must stay paralyzed! Remember, in a debilitated state, it is helpful to use Life Force Zest to help restore the flow of chi, along with Pain Relief (a great team in this case). Once Life Force Zest has gotten the chi functioning enough to be able to deal with the problem, move on to Paralysis Plus and Skeletal Support. Life Force Zest will also deal with absence of joy that you mention, setting the stage for general improvement.

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