‘Tis the Fireworks and Thunderstorm Season Posted on 14 Jun 08:43

As I write this we are having a humongous thunder and lightening rainstorm. Some hail is pounding down as well. Wind is whipping the tree branches to and fro and streams of water are running down the driveway.

For humans and animals alike, powerful thunder and lightning and heavy rains can be upsetting and trauma producing.

Our local animal shelter is located very close to the area where the community fire works are ignited each 4th of July. This causes a massive amount of stress for the cats and dogs living there. Many of the volunteers who donate their time throughout the year also spend the holiday night comforting terrified animals.

Domestic animals including horses and llamas who live near a gun firing range also recoil from the sudden sharp sounds. Don’t forget to help them.

We suggest using THUNDER STORMS, EMOTIONAL STABILITY AND CALMING SOLUTION. Most animals do well with the first two but some benefit from using the CALMING SOLUTION as well.

In caring for our dog Cinnamon, we gave her a few drops each of EMOTIONAL STABILITY and THUNDER STORMS in her bowl of drinking water prior to the thunderous season.

Every time she lapped the water up she got a dose and she did that at least 4 times a day, which is our suggested dosage amount.  We found she would sometimes be fearless and comfortable for a year or more and then suddenly show signs of fear again. So we just repeated the procedure.

You can use these flower essence formulas right at the time of the storm or fireworks celebration but animals can be spared the fearful traumatic state if you are able to begin using them prior to the events.

Introducing a Pet to a New Home and Traveling Posted on 12 May 10:58

Welcoming an animal into their new home is an exciting time for the whole family, people and pets alike.

Weather you have rescued an animal from a local shelter or a future show dog from the breeder, the new animal can get emotional support and calming comfort from some of our flower essences.

Getting the animal home is the first step.

It matters not if you are flying or driving, the TRAVEL formula will help prevent motion sickness. It also has flowers to ease fears that may be an emotional expression due to the new experience.

Young animals like puppies, kittens and frisky colts often have more energy than the new caretaker knows what to do with!

Our CALMING SOLUTION is wonderful for taking a bit of wind out of their sails without diminishing their joy of being in a loving household.

It is also useful for demanding attitudes like, pet me more, take me for another walk, throw the Frisbee again!

NEW HOME/GROUP LIVING not only helps the animal who has arrived at their new home but if also given to the animals in residence, it will shorten the time needed for the entire group to adjust. Often bringing a baby home for the first time can disturb the pets so that is another time to use NEW HOME/GROUP LIVING because the group dynamics are shifting.

Some folks use NEW HOME/GROUP LIVING when adding new fish into a tank or another animal into the herd.

When a family moves to a new location, everyone experiences changes. A perfect time to use TRAVEL and CALMING SOLUTION for the trip and NEW HOME/GROUP LIVING upon arrival.