Essentials Collection: Injury

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This grouping of flower essences is to help get back into life while recovering from an injury.

After surgery to set a broken bone or to repair a torn ACL and your pet is home again, physical activities are usually restricted. But it is important to keep the internal circulation moving and the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM is appropriate to use during the recovery time.

Because animals are experts at hiding pain we suggest using PAIN RELIEF until you are sure inflammation and bruising are no longer causing pain.

FRACTURE REPAIR energetically nourishes the bones and SKELETAL SUPPORT is to help the soft tissues that surround the skeleton. These tendons, ligaments and muscles are often sore and out of place after an injury.

LIFE FORCE ZEST helps pick up sagging spirits and when an animal feels better, the healing and physical repairs can happen more easily.

Life Force Zest, Pain Relief, Fracture Repair, Skeletal Support, and Circulatory System

Put several drops directly in the mouth or on the skin 4x a day.

Pet Essences can also be put in the food, water bowl, treats, bath or bedding.

To make a treatment bottle add several drops from the stock bottle to a one ounce dropper or misting bottle.