Where did the time go? Living with an aging pet

First we had puppies and kittens. Then as the months and years passed, they developed into healthy energetic dogs and cats.

Now, since they were given so much love, good food and care, they have turned into Senior Citizens, with new needs.

Our ELDER COMFORT formula was designed to help some of new behaviors that present themselves as the years accumulate.

Stiff achy legs are a common problem.  Our ARTHRITIS/ACHY PAIN formula can help here.  We have heard many stories about cats and dogs no longer comfortable jumping up onto the bed where they like to sleep.

After using ARTHRITIS/ACHY PAIN with their animals, we get phone calls and e-mails from people saying that they are now able to spring up onto the bed. As they get into their teen years or even earlier, cats and dogs can make good use of a stepping stool or chair to shorten the jumping distance.

ELDER COMFORT helps with the general disorientation that often accompanies aging. Symptoms of this could be a dog walking into a corner and not figuring out how to get back out. Often there is more daytime sleeping and yowling and pacing at night and generally roaming ‘round and ‘round.

There are many ways to administer flower essences.  They can be put into the food, the bowl of drinking water or onto the paws or skin. Some animals benefit by having the liquid put directly in their mouth. ELDER COMFORT is one of the formulas that seem to work best in the mouth. We suggest diluting the liquid from the stock bottle, making a DOSE bottle and putting that liquid directly into the pet’s mouth.

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