About Pet Essences

Welcome to Pet Essences, a family-owned company with a strong commitment to educating people about the power of flower essences. Our founder, Polly Fox, has been using and making Flower Essences for close to 50 years, with early teachings from Hanna Krueger of Boulder, Colorado. With over 50 years of experience in this field, we have developed a deep understanding of how these natural remedies can bring physical and emotional balance to animals of all kinds.

At Pet Essences, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality formulas possible to care for household pets, farm and ranch animals, and those that swim and fly. All of our products are made with sustainable ingredients and are suitable for animals of all ages. We believe that flower essences can offer comfort and support, without any risk of harm, even if the wrong formula is chosen.

Our team is passionate about helping animals achieve optimal health and well-being through the use of our Flower Essence formulas. We are confident that our products will bring comfort and balance to your beloved pets and animals. Thank you for choosing Pet Essences for your holistic care needs.