What are Pet Essences ?

Pet Essences combine the energetic essence and effects of flowers in unique, user-friendly formulas designed to harmonize, nourish and enhance healing. Flower essences are safe and non-toxic, free of side effects, and economical to use. Pet Essences formulas are vibrational bouquets offering simple, effective support for maximum vitality in both animals and their human companions. 

Our purpose is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We support veterinarians and respect what they have to say, and suggest you consult with a vet of your choice regarding the ongoing healthcare of your animals. As caregiver to a pet or working animal, you may have experienced situations in which traditional medical care alone has not provided sufficient resolution to a situation. Why not consider turning to the dynamic transformational capacities of flower essences for additional assistance with a wide range of animal care issues? Our formulas often enhance existing veterinary treatments and are increasingly recognized as helpful adjuncts to the conventional care provided by a veterinarian.

Flower essences offer an ideal self-help strategy for those wishing to take greater responsibility for their own health and that of their animals. Supporting the emotional balance that underlies true health, Pet Essences formulas work on the vibrational or energetic level. Nourishing and energizing a being's innate capacity to heal by facilitating ease and re-establishing balance, flower essences are useful in restoring harmony and vitality in systems thrown out of order by disease conditions, life changes, emotional events, accidents, or surgeries. 

Since animals are particularly responsive to the many forms of subtle energy that surround them, flower essences are extraordinarily effective with animals. They are an ideal and easily accessible health resource for use with pets, working or companion animals, livestock, animals in daycare, refuge or shelter situations. Because they work on an energetic level rather than a chemical level in the body, flower essences have the capacity to facilitate shifts relatively quickly and are usually most effective when given in frequent small doses that reinforce the vibrational shifts and cellular communication that they offer.

Polly Fox and her team at Energetic Essences are pioneers in the field of combining the energies of flowers in unique proprietary blends. The Pet Essences are in formulas that address specific, easily identifiable situations that you as an animal caregiver and companion may face. Polly has taken the guesswork out of choosing a flower essence, as the names of the formulas clearly indicate the specific situations in which they may be of help. They have chosen these physical or emotional terms as names, rather than the names of individual flowers, to make it easier for you to choose an essence.

We invite you to explore our website and learn for yourself about the varied applications of the Pet Essences flower formulas. You may wish to explore Frequently Asked Questions and Answers or ask a question of your own. While our database will answer many of your individual questions directly, we welcome your personal inquiry if you do not find your answer readily available at this site. Discover and enjoy flower essences in good health!