Traveling With Your Pet

Airplanes, cars, trailers, trains, buses and bikes all carry our pets near and far.

Years ago we had a Border Collie who loved to take trips riding on the gas tank of our BMW Motorcycle.  Duende was fortunate in that he did not exhibit any of the common difficulties that so many animal travelers suffer.  He would just lower his head behind the fairing and happily lean into the curves!

One of the most common problems animal travelers encounter is motion sickness. Drooling, vomiting, peeing and whimpering are all possible signs of motion sickness.

We suggest giving a Dose of our TRAVEL formula several minutes before leaving home and then another upon getting settled in the vehicle. This is good for a trip around the block or one to the Veterinarian’s office.  If the trip is a long one, more doses will be helpful.

TRAVEL seems to make the passing of time easier for the pets. They become more inclined to just settle in for the trip.

People have used TRAVEL with success when flying with or without the animal.

Cat owners have called us to report that for the first time ever the kitties were calm and even curled up and went to sleep on long trips.

If the pet is generally concerned about strangers, loud noises and other surprises, you can begin using our ANXIETY/FEAR formula combined with EMOTIONAL STABILITY days or weeks before traveling and that will help reduce their concerns while on the adventure.

Most animals like to get out and about so TRAVEL can make the experiences more enjoyable for both the animals and their people.

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