Helping Your Pet Overcome Skin Irritation and Allergies.

It is not necessary to know the reasons or sources of your pet’s allergies for them to benefit from using our flower essences to achieve improvement in the discomfort they suffer.

We recommend using all four of the formulas suggested: ALLERGIES, IMMUNE SYSTEM,  DIGESTION/ ASSIMILATION and if appropriate SKIN IRRITATION. Together they are great team players. People who use all four report the best results. 

The ALLERGIES formula covers many aspects of the pain and suffering animals encounter with allergies. So if you are only going to use one formula, give this one a try. It is important to remember that giving a dose 4x a day is the best way to get positive results.

Traditionally we use a single flower essence or formula for three months and then reevaluate the changes we have noted. Usually progress is seen far sooner than three months but no harm comes from using either a single flower or formula longer.

We have hundreds of single flower essences in stock.  As they are not listed at this site, please contact us if you are looking for a particular flower.  Chances are good that we have the flower you are looking for available.

SKIN IRRITATION is one of our most popular formulas. It is sad to learn how many animals, especially dogs are busy scratching and biting and licking themselves. This formula helps reduce the itching and therefore the need to scratch. If the skin is bloody and raw, adding PAIN RELIEF is a good idea.

Cats with twitchy tails have also experienced relief with SKIN IRRITATION.

As with all flower essences, they can be put directly into the mouth, mixed into the food or water and applied directly on to the skin area that is raw, even bleeding.

A soothing way to use SKIN IRRITATION is to fill a bowl with warm water and then put in a few drops of the flower essence liquid from either a Stock or Dose bottle. Dip a soft cloth into the water, squeeze out extra liquid and hold it gently onto the area in need for a short time.

Cats are more restless about this procedure so just hold the soaked cloth onto the kitty and follow them walking around for a minute or so. Once they feel the comfort that is offered they generally become more cooperative.

Whether the allergy symptoms are seasonal, food related or a new shampoo in the rug, our beloved animals deserve some help!

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