Visiting the Groomer With Your Pet

Animals who are trained to attend and preform in Competitive Shows need to arrive looking their best. So in addition to months and years of training for the activities required to preform in the Shows, they are used to visiting a groomer.

These animals are comfortable with the routines and tools used in the grooming process.  But animals who are well loved but treated like pets are not always as well trained.  Going to a groomer can be a bit unnerving for both the animal and the owner. All animals like to be appreciated for looking their best. After a successful appointment, they often strut around acting pleased and proud.

Now in the heat of summer, most pets can do with a bit of hair trimming just to stay cooler. An owner can easily give the family dog a bath at home or at the local pet shop that has a do it your self doggie wash. But the hair and nail trimming and ear cleaning is best left to an expert.

After selecting the Groomer who will take care of your dogs and cats, the next trick is to make the animals comfortable when experiencing the new adventure. Our GROOMING formula can be a big help.

Over the years we have received many success stories and testimonials from people who have used our flower essences to TRAVEL to the location as well as the GROOMING formula while at the facility. Additionally, ANXIETY/FEAR and EMOTIONAL STABILITY can be used for several days ahead of the appointment to bolster confidence and courage.

Dogs seem to take to the grooming experience more easily than cats. So we think the following testimonial from Adrienne Kawamura, Owner of City Kitty, is especially useful to read.

“I have been using Energetic Essences in my cat grooming salon for years with great success. We use them for cats that are scared, upset or lack confidence to endure the process. We also carry them in the salon for retail sale and have so many clients finding great success with them. They are wonderful to restore physical as well as emotional imbalances in the body. Our salon follows the principles of holistic care, so this fits our business model well.  I can’t imagine my business without using this wonderful product. It makes my life and every cat I groom so much easier.”

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