Anxiety and Fear

When we look at the questions and heart felt concerns that visitors to this web site express regarding the animals that they care for, fearful behavior shows up at the top of the list.

The fight or flight survival instinct never entirely disappears. Uncertainty and concerns can trigger ancient survival instincts and we see the results in an animal’s daily life behavior. These instincts remain strong throughout even a domestic animal’s life.

It is not always easy to isolate what is causing an animal’s concerns. But by observing their behavior, we can make some good guesses. A cat hiding under the bed or in a dark closet or a dog drooling or peeing for no reason apparent to us is a good clue that they are fearful. Could it be a memory from the past? It might be a dropped pan in the kitchen. No matter the immediate understanding of the fear source, we can learn to read the coded message!

Our ANXIETY FEAR formula, given 4 times a day can help overcome these fears. We like to suggest combining ANXIETY FEAR with EMOTIONAL STABILITY because animals pick up the thoughts and images in our heads and this formula offers them additional psychic protection.

For an extremely well trained animal like those working with Search and Rescue teams, our WORKING ANIMALS formula helps to override the fearful instincts activated by fire, confusion, exhaustion, hunger and follow instructions.

But for our family pets ANXIETY FEAR is a good choice in unusual circumstances such as introducing a new family member like a crying newborn or frisky puppy. It can be used ahead of an event while preparing for social gatherings or visiting grandchildren.

Animals like life without surprises, other than playful activities and depend upon routines such as regular feeding times. So we can make them more comfortable and happy by helping them overcome unnecessary anxious feelings.

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