What are Pet Essences?

Pet Essences are formulas and combinations of Flower Essences. They are a natural, gentle, and non-invasive form of energy medicine that can be used to support the emotional, physical and behavioral well-being of animals. They are made by infusing the energy of flowers into water, and are typically taken orally by adding a few drops to the animal's drinking water or food. They can be applied topically to the animal's fur or skin.

Here are some steps to get started learning about and using flower essences for animals, birds and fish:

  1. Research different flower essences and their uses:
    There are many different flower essences available, each with their own unique set of properties and helpful indications. Explore learning about different essences and their beneficial uses. Each of our Pet Essences formulas are crafted from several different flowers to help get the best results as sometimes one flower is not enough. Also, consider consulting with a qualified practitioner, we offer scheduled consultants, or talk to a veterinarian who is familiar with flower essences.

  2. Choose the appropriate formulas:
    Consider the specific emotional, physical or behavioral issues you want to address with the flower essences. We have named our formulas to make it easy to  select the appropriate ones.  You may want to use a single formula or combine several formulas to create a custom blend.

  3. Dilute and administer the essences:
    Our flower essences are sold in a concentrated form and can be diluted to reduce the strength of the brandy we use as the traditional preservative. Follow the  instructions for dilution and administration. Be sure to use a clean bottle and  dropper or dispenser to avoid contamination.

  4. Monitor the response:
    As you pay attention to your pet's behavior and emotional, state make notes in your Pet Journal. Make any necessary adjustments to the dosage or combination of essences as needed. It's important to be patient and give the essences time to work. Changes may not be immediately apparent and may take several days or weeks to be noticeable.

Remember to always consult with a qualified practitioner or veterinarian before using flower essences or any other form of alternative therapy for your pet.

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