Life Force Zest

$ 16.00

When your animal friend’s vitality lags for any reason, turn to LIFE FORCE ZEST for a nurturing boost. This energetic bouquet amplifies positive, good feelings and that in turn helps any healing process proceed more rapidly. It is great as a seasonal tonic. Also as a rejuvenator after injury, surgery or a long illness because it helps replenish deep reserves of strength while supporting the life force needed for optimum functioning.

Serious neglect such that many animals who end up in a shelter may have faced, cause the fearful animal to be fatigued and exhausted. And this in turn may have led to depression and and apathy. The flowers in this formula seem to remind an animal that they once really did feel better and can do so again. Animals have ways of letting us know how they are feeling if we spend the time to observe  and interact with them. It is not always necessary to know the cause of the problem in order to find a way to help improve the situation.

In addition to having our EMERGENCY formula available, consider keeping LIFE FORCE ZEST always on hand for emergencies. We have found that it increases the will to live.

Put several drops directly in the mouth or on the skin 4x a day.

Pet Essences can also be put in the food, water bowl, treats, bath or bedding.

To make a treatment bottle add several drops from the stock bottle to a one ounce dropper or misting bottle. 

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