Does Your Dog or Cat Get Lonely?

Our animal companions seem at their happiest when we are home with them. Most animals do not like to be left home alone.

Even if we are not playing together, they are more comfortable just knowing that we are in the next room reading or in the kitchen preparing the next meal.

Sometimes it is easy to take the family dog to the grocery store with no difficulty.  But most of us go off to work during the day and do not take our dogs and cats with us.  Cats seem to be more content when left alone than dogs.

Over the years we have heard the most amazing destructive stories of how creative these anxious dogs can be. They have been reported to be eating sheets and curtains. Even long time trained, house broken dogs are peeing and pooping everywhere inside the house and shredding books, magazines and toilet paper.

Animals only have so many ways to get our attention and causing a mess is one of them.  Cats can be destructive but they are more likely to stop eating, miss the litter box or spray something precious that belongs to their human.

It is always important to make sure the animal, dog or cat, does not have a urinary problem and if not, then we consider it to be an emotional situation and some flower essences can really help get back on track.

EMOTIONAL STABILITY helps to create a separation between the thoughts of the caregiver and the pet. When a person is worried about what will happen in their absence, that gets picked up by the now concerned pet and then when left alone trouble starts.

The LONLINESS HOME ALONE formula helps animals access their instincts and then they realize that causing trouble won’t really get them what they want. OUT of CONTROL can be combined with the other formulas just mentioned and when these are used daily it usually does not take long for the behavior to change in a positive way.
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