Working Animals

We live in a stunningly beautiful part of northern New Mexico.

From where I am sitting and looking west, the confluence of the Red River and the Rio Grande Rivers  in the Rio Grande Gorge are to my right. And the Cerro Pedernal mountain top made internationally famous by the artist Georgia O’Keeffe is to my left.

The Cerro Pedernal is about 60 miles from these Sangre de Christo Mountains but the Rio Grande Gorge is less than 10 miles away. When the sun rises, the western wall of the Gorge is illuminated into a brilliant rosy magenta color. In the forested parts of this mountain range there are numerous hiking trails, cross country groomed trails and several downhill snowboard and ski areas.

All this description is the lead up to why we have so many visitors both summer and winter and why we have such an active Search and Rescue group of volunteers.

It is not unusual to hear and see helicopters and airplanes looking for lost people and when found, flying them to the appropriate hospital. They are the support team for the people, dogs and horses on the ground who are searching through extremely rugged and difficult terrain for a lost and often injured traveler.

Earthquakes, burning buildings and all types of human made and natural disasters usually require the help of a rescue team. Our WORKING ANIMALS formula is to help animals maintain the stamina and focus needed to work in these difficult situations.

WORKING ANIMALS will help an animal override their own instincts of fear or hunger, follow instructions and proceed with the sequential steps necessary to complete the given task.

TRAINING/BREAKING HABITS is the formula to use during  training sessions but WORKING ANIMALS offers the most support for recreational or rescue situations that require focus and endurance.

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