Helping Your Pet Through Some Rough Times

Autumn is in the air signaling changes in the weather and probably many household routines.

The animals you are caring for are observing what is going on around them. But they can only guess at the reasons for the changes in schedules and the whereabouts of family members.

If traveling is a common occurrence, then when luggage and backpacks come out of storage they know change is afoot. The packing routine has happened before so they are alert in this familiar mystery zone. What in the world is going on? Who is going on a trip? Is the pet sitter moving in for a while? And when are you leaving?

EMOTIONAL STABILITY is helpful during this uncertain confusing time. This formula helps to separate the thoughts in your head that might contribute to your pet’s concerns. You can also send calming images because animals seem to have an ability to take thoughts and images out of our minds.

Fall is also the time of year when young children start school and older family members may go off to college. Big shifts are taking place in the daily lives that the critters have been experiencing.

Animals as saddened and grief stricken when people they are used to being with on a daily basis disappear from their world.  They do not yet know that the family will be together over the weekend. Or maybe the reuniting will not happen until the holidays. From their point of view, the person is gone and there is no way of knowing when or if they will return.

A pet’s vocabulary does not include the words to explain the different kinds of out of sight possibilities. Gone on a trip is still carrying the possibility of being gone forever. So we have come to suggest using our DEPRESSION GRIEVING formula when big changes happen that could be misinterpreted as forever.

Death is very final. We know that our DEPRESSION GRIEVING formula is extremely helpful in bringing animals back from the state of despondency and depression that usually follows when a human or animal family member passes on.  Animals often stop eating. They feel sad act lethargic.

As with people, all animal responses to death can be considered normal, but we can shorten the time of painful suffering by using DEPRESSION GRIEVING. LIFE FORCE ZEST can bring about a great boost in feeling better after a few days of using DEPRESSION GRIEVING.

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