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Pet Essences



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A more common problem than one might think. Food, grasses, pollens, pollutants in the environment and more can cause difficulties for animals.

When an animal’s body cannot fully process something that it has come in contact with, internally or externally, we see the results as the body works to rid itself of the offending materials

We think of these presenting symptoms such as runny eyes, crusty ears, skin eruptions, dripping mucus from the nose as allergies.

To use flower essences to help eliminate the symptoms of allergies it is not necessary to know the source of the troublesome material.


🍃 Ethically Sourced

🌿 Organic when Possible

🇺🇸 Made in the USA


Cherry Plum, Chicory, Macrocarpa, Tall Mulla Mulla

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Size and Dimension

1 ounce (30 ml)

Dosing Instructions

Oral or applying to skin/fur/feathers:
Birds: 1-2 drops applied to feathers or beak
Small Animals: 4 drops
Medium Animals: 8 drops per use
Large Animals: 16 drops per use
Applying to Pet's Water Bowl: Small Bird Water Bowl: 1 drop
Small Water Bowls for Pets: 4 drops
Large Water Bowls for Pets: 8 drops
Water Buckets/Troughs: 16 drops
Stock Pond: 1oz
We recommend you use 2-4 per day. 

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