Depression and Grieving

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It takes a fearless heart to embrace the natural cycle of life, death, grieving, life.

In the early stages of accepting personal loss brought about by living through this cycle, DEPRESSION GRIEVING can offer much comfort.  

When animals in a household or shelter die, both the humans who have been caring for them and the animals who have been living with them feel sadness and may become despondent.

Our DEPRESSION GRIEVING formula was designed to help recover from a powerful loss and begin to move forward. Additionally, LIFE FORCE ZEST is soothing and wonderful when getting back into the flow of life.

This formula can also help in the dying process. Many people feel that our animals stay here for us, even when they are suffering. Our pets may not feel ready to leave us, their beloveds. When the time has actually arrived, DEPRESSION GRIEVING can help an animal accept that it is truly time to pass on.

Blackberry, Honeysuckle, Mustard, Red Grevillea


Put several drops directly in the mouth or on the skin 4x a day.

Pet Essences can also be put in the food, water bowl, treats, bath or bedding.

To make a treatment bottle add several drops from the stock bottle to a one ounce dropper or misting bottle. 

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