Training/Breaking Habits

$ 18.00

Basic training of good habits can start at a very early age.

Animals are never too young to receive guidance as to what is acceptable behavior.

This is not the same as preparing for Shows or Agility. That aspect of training can come after they have learned the basics of being part of a household.

First the puppies and kittens need to learn about their home environment. This means learning where they are permitted to sleep and play as well as successfully getting through the potty training stage.

The owner, companion, trainer can also take a dose of TRAINING/BREAKING HABITS as there is a flower in the formula, Daffodil, that helps non verbal communication. Animal communicators tell us that animals receive information in pictures as well as words.

Always visualize what you want your pet to do.

Put several drops directly in the mouth or on the skin 4x a day.

Pet Essences can also be put in the food, water bowl, treats, bath or bedding.

To make a treatment bottle add several drops from the stock bottle to a one ounce dropper or misting bottle.